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100+ Food Trivia Questions (inc. Picture Round)

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How much do you know about food?! Test your knowledge with 50 Food Trivia General Knowledge Questions plus 5, 10 question quiz rounds about World Foods, Weird and Wacky foods, a true or false round, food anagrams + a food picture quiz.

We all love to eat but how much do you know about food? Do you prefer breakfast or dessert? Home-cooked food or eating out? Do you have a favorite dish or simply love to cook for friends and family? Or just love all things food related?! Well, have we got the food trivia quiz for you!

Test your knowledge with our ultimate food and drinks trivia. There are 6 different rounds: 50 Food General Knowledge questions and answers, a World Foods quiz where we give you the name of the dish and you have to tell us which country it is associated with, Food Anagrams, A True or False round, A Wierd and Wacky Food Round and finally a World Food Picture Round with 9 images of famous foods and dishes from around the globe.

We’ve also included links to other food and drink quizzes that focus on a specific category – such as cheese, baking, desserts, wine, cocktails etc. to help you build your own pub quiz if you need a few extra quiz rounds or more variety!

100+ Food Trivia Questions and Answers cover photo of 4 different dishes on a marble table

50 Ultimate Food Trivia Questions and Answers (General Knowledge)

1. What is added to Brandy to produce Cointreau?

2. What is the Hungarian word for pepper?

3. If you saw ‘chou-fleur’ on a French menu which vegetable would the dish include?

4. What is added to grain whisky to produce Southern Comfort?

5. ‘Scrag End’ is the name for a cut of which type of meat?
Lamb or Mutton 

6. What are ‘Haricot Beans’ also known as?
Cannellini Beans or Navy Beans

5 oranges, with leaves attached on a blue table

7. What is considered to be the world’s oldest alcoholic drink?

8. What are the four main constituents of a Waldorf salad, which are usually dressed in mayonnaise and served on a bed of lettuce?
Celery, Apples. Walnuts and Grapes

9. What is the maximum number of Michelin Stars that can be awarded to a restaurant?

10. With which country do you associate Retsina?

11. Which popular snack/appetiser takes its name from the local word for “lids”?

Tapas Dishes on a red tablecloth

12. What gives Windsor Red cheese its colour and flavour?
Red Wine

13. Which chemical compound, several hundred times sweeter than sugar, is used as a substitute for it?

14. What sort of meat is used in the Greek dish Kleftiko?

15. What general name is given to Indian food cooked in a clay oven?

16. What is the name of the substance used as a setting agent in some jams and marmalades?

Top down shot of cheese board with blocks of cheese, nuts, pomegranate perls, meats, oil and salsa dips, olives, nuts, tomatoes and basil leaves.

17. What are Cheshire, Gouda and Gorgonzola?

18. What is the name of a two-coloured oblong cake covered with almond paste?

19. How are fizzy wines, other than champagnes, described?

20. What name is given to smooth yoghurt, which translated from the French, literally means ‘fresh cheese’?
Fromage Frais

21. Retsina is native to which country?

22. Rick Stein, the TV chef from Cornwall, is known for his recipes containing mainly what?

Champagne Trivia Questions and Answers image of champagne flutes on a round serving platter, being filled by a bottle

23. What are the three styles of port?
Ruby, Tawny and Vintage

24. What type of house are hops dried in?
An oast-house 

25. Crawley Beauty, Forge and First and Last are varieties of which fruit?

26. Which chocolate bar sells the most in the world?

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27. What famous product did Cerebos manufacture?
Cooking Salt

Aubergine sliced and stacked back together

28. What has been done to an oyster if it has been shucked?
It has been opened

29. What is the covering of a Battenburg Cake made from?

30. How is Steak Tartare cooked?
It isn’t – it is served raw

31. What soup is served in Scotland at a Burn’s Night supper?
Cock a Leekie

32. What type of fish is included in Worcestershire Sauce?

Small silver pot of melted chocolate, a wooden spoon dripping chocolate into the pan

33. What type of alcoholic drink is Tio Pepe?

34. Black Velvet is a mixture of stout and which other alcoholic drink?

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35. What is Adam’s Ale commonly known as?

36. What is the name of the world’s hottest pepper – ranked by the Guinness Book of Records?
Carolina Reaper

37. Of the following fast food restaurants, which is the oldest?
A. McDonald’s.
B. A&W. 
C. White Castle.

38. What is the national dish of Italy?
Ragu alla Bolognaise (not Spaghetti Bolognaise!)

Spaghetti Bolognaise in a bowl being twirled on a fork

39. Which country produces the most olive oil?

40. What is the Japanese name for raw fish?

41. In Scotland, what is traditionally served with Haggis?
Neeps and Tatties

42. A ‘Beef Wellington’ is the signature dish of which Celebrity chef?
Gordon Ramsay

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43. What is the collective noun for mussels?
A Bed

44. Which popular food did Thomas Jefferson introduce to the United States of America?
French Fries

Hands placing a round bread roll on a wooden chopping board

45. What type of food would you find at a French ‘boulangerie‘?
Bread (and pastries, but to hold the title of Boulangerie in France, they must bake their own bread on premise and their primary function is as a bakery.)

46. True or False: Green olives are just unripened black olives.

47. What is the oldest chocolate bar in the world?
Fry’s Chocolate Cream Bar (from 1866!)

48. What is known as the ‘King of fruits’?

49. Kiwi Fruits originated in which country?

50. In American Food trends, what is the most popular pizza toppings?


World Food Trivia Questions and Answers

In this world food quiz section, there are 10 questions in which we’ll give you a national dish, and you have to guess the country it originates from. We’ve also given you a hint in case you want to use these as pub quiz quiz questions and your quizzers are looking a little lost!

Noodles on an oval shaped wooden bowl with chopsticks crossed at the top

1. Curry Rice.

2. Hákarl (Fermented Shark).

3. Pot-au-Feu. (Boiled beef and vegetables, usually served as two courses: the broth and then the solid ingredients)

4. Chicken Tikka Masala (Marinated chicken chunks in spiced curry sauce)
England (UK)

5. Pho. (A soup dish consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs, and meat.)

6. Salteña. (A baked empanada made with beef or chicken mixed with olives, potatoes, vegetables, hard-boiled egg, raisins, and spices in a sweet and slightly spicy sauce)

7. Nasi Goreng. (Fried rice dish, usually cooked with pieces of meat and vegetables)

8. Fufu (A starchy side dish). 

9. Chicken Machboos (Spiced chicken and rice).

10. Ropa Vieja (Shredded beef and vegetables). 


True or False Food Quiz Questions and Answers

Curry and Rice in copper bowls with popadoms on the side

1. True or False: Out of 1000s of spices in the world, Saffron is the most expensive spice.

2. True or False: Carls Jr – and American Fast Food Chain – started off as a hot dog stand.

3. True or False: Pepsi was the first soft drink drunk in space.
False (it was Coke, but only by 8 hours!)

4. True or False? Potatoes are 80% water.

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5. True or False: Creme Fraiche was originally developed as a cure for baldness.

6. True or False: Queensland, Australia produces 75% of the world’s pineapples.
False (it’s Costa Rica)

7. True or False: Strawberries are not actually berries.

8. True or False: Apples belong to the rose family.

9. True or False: Oysters and Lobsters used to be the food of the working class.

10. True or False: The most expensive pizza in the world costs $900.
False – it’s actually $12,000!!


Weird and Wacky Food Trivia Questions

Mason jars with fruity cocktails on a black ledge with trees in the background

1. What is a Chinese gooseberry most commonly known as?
Kiwi Fruit

2. Where was Hawaiian Pizza first created?

3. True or False: Ketchup was once used to cure diseases like the common cold and diarrhoea.

4. Which of the following foods can make you hallucinate?
A. Nutmeg.
B. Chillies.
C. Rye Bread.
D. All of the Above

5. What is the most stolen food in the world?

Red chilli sliced into sections and placed back together

6. A large number of which nut can spontaneously combust?

7. True or False – the stickers on fruit are edible.

8. In the middle ages, what everyday spice was such a luxury it was used to pay rent and taxes?
Black Pepper

9. What type of sandwich is the only sandwich to have gone to space?
A Corned Beef Sandwich (in 1965)

10. Some fast food trivia for you: How many shapes do McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets come in?
4 – (And they have names! The bell, the ball, the bone and the boot)


Food and Drink Anagrams & Answers

Cup of tea with flower petals floating on top

1. Scrub Host Son (Hing: An Easter Treat)
Answer: Hot Cross Buns

2. Sugared ambulances (Hint: a cylindrical meat product)
Answer: Cumberland Sausage

3. No handy car (Hint: alcohol)
Answer: Chardonnay 

4. Pinch his fads (Hint: a British staple)
Answer: Fish and Chips

5. Fleeces so bare (Hint: a meat stew)
Answer: Beef Casserole

6. A legal title (Hint: Italian)
Answer: Tagliatelle

Blueberry cupcakes on a black wire rack

7. Seems not (Hint: dessert)
Answer: Eton Mess

8. Mean trowel (Hint: it’s refreshing)
Answer: Watermelon

9. Let a four backstage (Hint: a dessert)
Answer: Black Forest Gateau

10. Cocoa Cup Nip (Hint: Coffee)
Answer: Cappuccino

If you like these foodie conundrums, head on over to our Food Anagrams Quiz


World Food Picture Quiz

World Food Picture Quiz with Answers

The world foods picture quiz is a printable – just remember to chop the answers off the bottom if handing them out!

For those playing online, the answers are:
1. Ragu alla Bolognaise (Italy), 2. Sushi (Japan), 3. Macaroons (France), 4. Paella (Spain), 5. Hamburger (USA), 6. Weiner Schnitzel (Austria), 7. Falafel (Israel), 8. Fry Up (UK), 9. Baklava (Turkey)



We hope you loved our fun food trivia questions and there was a good mix of easy, difficult and multiple choice questions for your home or pub quiz – or simply to test your own food and drink knowledge.
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