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150+ Travel Trivia Questions (The Ultimate Travel Quiz)

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Over 160+ travel questions featuring a big quiz with 80 travel trivia questions PLUS 4 individual travel trivia rounds with 10 Q&As, 3 travel picture quizzes AND 25 travel trivia questions for kids: It’s the ULTIMATE Travel Quiz!

Whether you are looking for travel questions and answers for your next dinner party or zoom quiz – or need some trivia questions to keep you going when travelling (and to get you hyped for the next trip!) – have we got the travel quiz for you.

From a big quiz of 80 travel trivia questions and answers covering everything from capitals to currency, landmarks to natural wonders, flags to time zones – and everything and everywhere in between! Plus 3 travel picture quizzes (food, flags and landmarks), 4×10 questions travel rounds (perfect for between courses at dinner parties, or travel-themed parties) AND 25 travel quiz questions for kids – most of which are multiple choice.

We’ve even included a whole 10 questions quiz where the answers answer a riddle – how’s that for creative?! Either way, if you are looking for the ultimate travel quiz, we’ve got you covered. Scroll down to start testing your own travel knowledge – or get the most right to prove you have the best travel brain!

150+ travel trivia questions and answers cover image of a globe under soft light, a hand hovering above as if to turn it

80 Travel Trivia Questions and Answers (The BIG Travel Quiz)

1. In which French city can you view art in the Louvre, one of the oldest museums in the world?

2. Which building did King Kong scale in the movie, King Kong?
The Empire State Building

3. In which South American country can a tourist hike to the Christ the Redeemer statue?

4. You can walk through Times Square if you visit which city?
New York City

5. Can you name the Australian tourist attraction that resembles the sails of boats?
Sydney Opera House

6. Can you name the famous sculpture that depicts 4 U.S. presidents heads?
Mount Rushmore

Looking up at a plane directly overhead under a blue sky with light white clouds

7. What is the name of the famous Indian mausoleum built by emperor Shah Jahan?
The Taj Mahal

8. Name the Japanese city that is considered the largest city in the world.

9. In which ancient city did Valentine’s Day originate?

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10. Can you name the tiny island on which the Statue of Liberty stands?
Liberty Island

11. For centuries, the Mona Lisa painting has been kept in which museum, which happens to be the largest art museum in the world.
The Louvre

Legs sticking out of the open tent looking out onto the mountains

12. Which South American country is home to Machu Picchu?

13. Which country is the worlds largest producer of coffee?

14. On which continent is the country of Suriname located?
South America

15. What iconic structure runs from the Shanhai Pass to the Jiayu Pass?
Great Wall of China

16. Can you name the largest collective group of waterfalls in North America?
Niagara Falls

17. Can you name the world’s tallest building (in 2022)?
Burj Khalifa

Man lay down at the front of a white yacht on the ocean

18. Which famous body of water is the lowest elevation on Earth?
The Dead Sea

19. In which American state can you explore the scenic Grand Canyon?

20. Which Italian landmark is referred to as La Torre Pendente by the locals?
The Leaning Tower of Pisa

21. Edinburgh is the capital city of which European country?

22. You can visit many natural landmarks, including a dazzling limestone cave on the island where Rihanna is from. Which island is it?

23. Which national park in California is home to one of the hottest areas on Earth?
Death Valley

24. Bangkok is the capital of what Asian country?

Three storey apartments next to a pool edged with wooden sunbeds surrounded by tall palm trees

25. Cairo is the capital of which African country?

26. On which Caribbean island can you swim with pigs that inhabit the beach?
The Bahamas

27. On what Caribbean island will you find Finca Vigía, one of Ernest Hemingway’s homes?

28. In which Arab city can you visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque?
Abu Dhabi

29. Can you guess which country the city of Lagos is in?

30. Which country in the Americas is the largest by area?

Electronic departure board

31. In which country will you find Port Royal, one of the main filming locations of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?

32. Can you name which famous cocktail originated in the Raffles Hotel Singapore?
Singapore Sling

33. Here’s a tricky one: name the capital city of the largest country in the world by landmass.

34. In which South African city would you find Boulders Beach, the home of many wild penguins?
Cape Town

35. Name the popular frozen dessert that originated in Italy in the 17th century.

36. True or False: Antarctica is closer to the North Pole than Greenland. Is this true or false?

Blue globe with brass half compass stand and base

37. On a road trip through this city, one can visit the famous Van Gogh Museum.

38. Can you name the smallest independent nation in the world?
Vatican City

39. Kimchi is considered the national dish of what East Asian country?
South Korea

40. Which country in the Middle East is home to the world-famous Al-Haram Mosque?
Saudi Arabia

41. Temple of the Tooth in Sri Lanka supposedly contains the tooth of which religious figure?

42. Can you correctly guess which country is home to the world’s heaviest building? (Hint: it’s located in southern Europe).

shiloette of a man standing on a rock with the sun setting behind him

43. Can you correctly guess the capital city of New Zealand?

44. Beirut is the capital of which Middle Eastern country?

45. True or False: Walt Disney World resort first opened for business five years after Walt Disney died?

46. In which country can visitors see the Jade Emperor Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City?

47. On which African island can visitors see the strikingly beautiful Seven Coloured Earths?

48. Can you correctly name the capital city of Ghana?

Manhatten Island and New Jersey island from above at night

49. In which East Asian city can one visit the massive Tian Tan Buddha statue (The Big Buddha)?
Hong Kong

50. Which scenic body of water is also known as the “Jewel of the Italian Lakes”?
Lake Como

51. Which well-known Italian phrase means ‘The Sweet Life’?
La Dolce Vita

52. In which South American city will you find Sugarloaf mountain?
Rio De Janeiro

53. What is the predominant colour of all Venetian Gondolas?

54. Prior to the adoption of the Euro, what was the currency in Portugal?

Hot air balloons flying over the jagged peaks of Cappadocia

55. How is Speke airport now known?
Liverpool John Lennon Airport

56. ‘Papa doc’ and ‘Baby doc’ Duvalier ruled which Caribbean nation between 1957 and 1986?

57. What did Leningrad become known as in 1991?
St Petersburg

58. Which Airport’s code letters are LAX?
Los Angeles 

59. If you see the international car registration code GBZ which country is it from?

60. What is the currency of Thailand called?

Paris, France

61. What is the official language of Chile?

62. Acapulco is a holiday resort in Which country?

63. Which is the largest of the canary islands?

64. What is the currency of India called?

65. What is the international car registration code for Poland?

66. What is the most photographed landmark in the world?
A. Big Ben, London
B. Burj Khalifa, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
C. Eiffel Tower, Paris 
D. Times Square, USA

Manicured gardens, lush green grass with mountain in the background in Switzerland

67. In which National Park would you find the largest salt flat in the USA?
Death Valley National Park (Badwater Basin Salt Flats)

68. Which country has the longest coastline in the world?
A. Canada. 
B. Norway.
C. The Philippines
D. Russia.

69. In which country would you find the worlds highest waterfall?
Venezuela (Angel Falls)

70. What country has the most time zones (mainland and external territories)?
A. Russia.
B. France.
C. China.
D. Australia.

71. Which country’s flag features a red maple leaf?

Round white building with a thatched roof, spikes of a wooden windmill attached to the side

72. How many official countries are there in the world?
195 (193 member states of the United Nations and 2 non-member observer states

73. Can you name the two non-member states?
Holy-See and State of Palestine

74. In what year were the Euro coins and notes introduced?

75. Which is the largest city on the European Continent?

White and Gold pillars of the Shiekh Zayed Grand Mosque

76. What is the least densely populated country in the world?

77. Greenland is an autonomous territory belonging to which country?

78. What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?
Sicily, Italy

79. Which two countries’ names officially begin with the word ‘the’?
The Bahamas & The Republic of The Gambia

80. What was the official name of Iran in the Western World, prior to 1935?

Woman in a swimsuit with dark hair stood at the edge of an infinity pool looking out to the ocean


Quick Fire Travel Quiz Questions and Answers (10 Question Rounds)

Places Around the World

1. Which Australian state was formerly known as Van Diemens land?

2. Name the fault that runs through California for about six hundred miles?
San Andreas Fault Line

3. What is the name of the bay that lies between Norfolk and Lincolnshire in the UK?
The Wash

4. Which country consists of the 4 main islands, Honshu Hokkaido Shikoku & Kyushu?

5. Which is the largest of the Canary Islands?

World Map with lots of multicoloured push pins marking different countries

6. What is the largest lake in the world with an animal in its name?
Great Bear Lake (in Canada)

7. What is the name of the Mediterranean coast extending from Menton to St Tropez in France, renowned for its beaches?
Cote D’Azur

8. Which ancient kingdom of southern Portugal is now a popular holiday resort in the modern district of Faro?

9. In which English county is the Forest of Dean?

10. In terms of area, which is the world’s largest landlocked country? (Zaire, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Egypt or Paraguay)


Man-Made Wonders

1. Which famous bridge stands at the entrance to San Francisco bay?
The Golden Gate Bridge

2. Which is the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world to still exist?
Pyramids of Giza

3. In which US city is one of the world’s highest buildings the Sears Tower?

4. Which of the Seven Wonders of the World stood in Ephesus?
Temple of Artemis

5. What is the name of the lost city of the Incas discovered in Peru in 1911?
Machu Pichu

Taj Mahal

6. What was discovered in 1974 in Xian, China?
Terracotta Army of Xian

7. What white marble Mausoleum was built between 1632 – 1653?
Taj Mahal

8. Jordan’s “red rose city” – which is claimed to be half as old as time itself is called what?

9. What is the name of the UK man-made landmark that used to run from the banks of the River Tyne to the Solway Firth and used to have a Fort every 5 roman miles?
Hadrian’s Wall

10. This UK man made wonder consists of 2 Biomes, housing plant species both in a rainforest environment and the other in a Mediterranean environment?  What is it called?
The Eden Project


Where in the World?

1. Located on the West coast of S.America and stretching for over 600 miles, what is the driest place on earth?
Atacama Desert

2. On which island is the holiday resort of Montego Bay?

3. Name London’s largest meat market which is also the largest covered-in market in the world?

4. Darwin is the capital of which state in Australia?
The Northern Territory

5. What is the name of the exclusive holiday island in the Caribbean frequented by the late Princess Margaret?

Sydney Opera House, Australia

6. Which city is the capital of Lebanon?

7. In which South American country did the bossa nova originate?

8. In which country is the town of Fray Bentos?

9. Which river rises on Mount Hermon and flows into the Dead Sea?
River Jordan 

10. Freetown is the capital of which country
Sierra Leone 


Countries & Their Connections (A Travel Riddle)

1. Hamlet was a Prince in this country

2. This country’s longest river is the Vistula

3. This country’s capital city is Prague
Czech Republic

4. The unofficial flower of this country is the Edelweiss

5. Celine Dion won the Eurovision song contest representing this country in 1988

Canal in Amsterdam with houseboats and buildings along the water edge

6. The headquarters of Interpol are based in this country

7. This country shared its name with a pirate radio station

8. The battle of Waterloo was fought in this country

9. Before the Euro their currency was the Gilder

10. The Connection between these 9 answers is?
They all share a border with Germany


Travel Picture Quizzes (Landmarks, Food & Flags!)

World Landmarks Picture Quiz with Answers

Can you name the famous landmarks in each image? For extra points, also identify the country where the landmark can be found.

Famous Landmark Picture Quiz

Psst. all our picture quiz sheets are printable – perfect for a home quiz, pub quiz or geography questions for classes!

For those playing online, the answers are:
1. Eiffel Tower (Paris, France) 2. St Basil’s Cathedral (Moscow, Russia) 3. Christ The Redeemer (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) 4. Leaning Tower of Pisa (Pisa, Italy) 5. Empire State Building (New York, United States of America) 6. Taj Mahal (Agra, India) 7. Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia) 8. Arc De Triomphe (Paris, France) and, 9. Big Ben (London, England)


World Food Quiz Questions: Picture Round

World Food Picture Quiz with Answers

The world foods picture quiz is a printable – just remember to chop the answers off the bottom if handing them out!

For those playing online, the answers are:
1. Ragu alla Bolognaise (Italy), 2. Sushi (Japan), 3. Macaroons (France), 4. Paella (Spain), 5. Hamburger (USA), 6. Weiner Schnitzel (Austria), 7. Falafel (Israel), 8. Fry Up (UK), 9. Baklava (Turkey)


Identify the World Flags Picture Quiz

Identify the World Flags Picture Quiz

For those playing online, the answers are:
1. Sweden; 2. New Zealand; 3. Iran; 4. Norway; 5. China; 6. Ireland; 7. Cuba; 8. Paraguay.


25 Travel Quiz Questions for Kids (Easy Travel Trivia)

1. In what country could you visit the Eiffel Tower?
A. Mexico.
B. Germany.
C. France. 
D. Australia.

2. In which country would you find the Great Pyramids?

3. In which country would you find the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu?

Small boy holding up a paper map in front of him

4. What country would you find the cities of Chicago, Los Angeles and Honolulu?
United States of America

5. What is the main currency in most of Europe?
The Euro

6. Complete the name of this landmark: The Great Wall of …
A. Sweden.
B. China. 
C. South Africa.
D. Vietnam.

7. Where did Samurai Warriors come from?

8. Rio de Janeiro is a famous city in which country?

9. Which country is considered to be the home of pizza?

Beach Ball in Pool

10. On what continent would you find the Sahara Desert?
A. South America.
B. Asia.
C. Australia.
D. Africa. 

11. Which ancient city is the capital of Greece?

12. Which city is known as the ‘Big Apple’?
New York City

13. In which country would you find the Amazon Rainforest?
A. Brazil. 
B. China.
C. Cuba.
D. South Africa.

14. What colour are the stars on the American flag?

New York City

15. Who built the Pyramids?
A. The Mayans.
B. The Egyptians. 
C. The Romans.
D. The Greeks

16. Where does the President of the United States live?
The White House

17. In which country would you find Kangaroos?

18. How do you say ‘Thank you’ in Spanish?
A. Gracias. 
B. Hola.
C. Amigo.
D. Hasta.

20. What is the world’s most spoken language?
A. Chinese. 
B. English.
C. German.
D. Spanish.

Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland - train track elevated over multiple stone arches surrounded by green hills

20. How do you say hello in French?
A. Allo.
B. Bien.
C. Bonjour. 
D. Merci.

21. What is the highest mountain in the world?
Mount Everest

22. Name of the 3 colours featured in Germanys flag.
Black, Red or Yellow 

23. What is the national animal of England? (Hint, think about football!).

24. Which American city is home to the Golden Gate Bridge?
San Francisco

25. Which is the smallest country in the world?
A. Vatican City. 
B. Monaco.
C. San Marino.
D. Nauru.


We hope you enjoyed our travel trivia quiz questions and answers and there was a good mix of easy, difficult and multiple choice questions for your home or pub quiz – or simply to test your own world travel knowledge.
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